Remembering Allah
In Sha Allah our next event is going to be this Sunday 2:30 pm at our center

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What is Remembering Allah?

The world today is seeing the worst of humanity. Not only individuals, but communities and countries are in crisis-political, social, as well as spiritual. As a result we find ourselves wandering in search of peace, harmony and unity like never before. We wander to find solutions, we wander to seek answers, we wander to make things better but most often we end up seeing more extremism, more hatred, more animosity, blindness and ignorance. In a culture of widespread consumerism, we are not only mindlessly consuming things but also ideas. While it has never been wrong to adhere to or follow ideas it is the mindless consumption that is the issue. We are living in tragic times where we hardly spend any time in meditating upon, thinking and evaluating what we are consuming.

Remembering Allah is to remember, recall and remind ourselves, to think about, to ponder over, to inspect and introspect what is it that God wants from us? How do we remember Him? How can we counter hatred, bloodshed, enmity, animosity? How do we make this world a better place for one and all? Certainly, the obvious answer to all these questions is – through love, forgiveness, mercy, generosity, spreading goodness and kindness unlimited. Now, if you really look through these you will find, what is love, forgiveness ..., if not the very essence of Religion and God/Allah?!

Thus, Remembering Allah is an endeavour to help remind people about this spirit of love by sharing lessons from stories of the prophets mentioned in the Quran; by researching and producing material on re-establishing one’s connection with his/her inherent nature of love; and hence, God. Look forward to our blog, videos, books and articles to know more.


And verily, whosoever shows patience and forgives, that would truly be from the things recommended by Allah. [Qur'an 42:43]

Breath of Quran

Then do they not reflect upon the Qur'an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts? [Qur'an 47:24]


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