Remembering Allah

The Allah's Cause

Submitted over 2 years Ago By (Ab) Basit




(15:85) “We created not the heavens, the earth, and all between them, but for just ends. and the Hour is surely coming (when this will be manifest). So overlook (any human faults) with gracious forgiveness.”

(45:14) ‘tell those who believe in us to forgive those who don’t.’

(9:6) ‘ If any of the mushriqs ask you for the asylum( after killing you in war, betraying you) grant it to him so that he may hear the word of Allah, and then escort him to where he is secure.”

 (16:126-128) ‘ invite all to way of Allah…if you punish them then let your punishment be proportionate to the wrong done to you, but if you show patience (ie forgive them & not punish those who deserve to be punished) then it is indeed the best course and do you be patient and not distress yourself because of their plots/ conspiracy, for Allah is with those who restrain themselves and do good. (and not with punishers)’

Innallahama as sabrin – Allah is with patient

(42:40)- “let there be requital by an equal harm BUT whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah, for Allah loves not those who do wrong {by punishing and leaving Allah knowing Allah is with patient)”

 (15:85) ‘so overlook their faults with gracious forgiveness.’

(13:6) ‘your Lord is full forgiveness for mankind despite their wrong doing, but He punishes severely.’

(13:40) ‘your mission is only is to give warning, its for us to do the reckoning {punishment}.’

(5:99) ‘the messenger’s sole duty is to convey the message.’

(23:96) ‘Repel evil with that which is the best.’

(28:54) ‘Avert evil with good.’

(41:34-36) ‘Nor can evil and good be equal, repel evil with that which is the best, then will he between whom and you was enmity and hatred become as though were your friend and intimate, none will be granted this goodness except those who exercise patience  and self restrain, none but persons of GREATEST GOOD FORTUNE and if incitement is made to you seek refuge in Allah {Islam =peaceful submission to Allah}


(17:53) ‘Tell my servants that they should always say what is the best.’

(13:22) ‘Those who ward off, evil with good theirs shall be the final abode.’

(24:51) ‘True believers say we hear and we obey, these will prosper.’

(3:103) ‘REMEMBER  his blessings; you were enemies and he united your hearts by his grace you became brothers {eg. hzrt Umar etc. etc. etc.}, you were on the brink of an abyes of fire and he rescued you from it.’

(24:22) ‘Let them forgive and OVERLOOK. Do you not wish Allah to forgive you {and overlook your faults}?  (God is forgiving and merciful.)


  • Why did Allah give such commands that makes punishment impossible?!        God made humans for paradise but Satan vowed to take men to hell. For every man that goes to hell Satan rejoices as his mission gets furthered and his ego against God becomes even bigger.
  •  Now every person who is on the wrong path God wants him to come back and move towards paradise. But when we kill in punishment those on wrong path and he dies he is straight going to hell. WHOSE MISSION IS BEING FURTHERED? By killing him we are closing all his chances to repent in future and come to a better stand. {woe to those whose missions are same as satan’s mission, may Allah guide them}

Now the spirit of every Muslim is to be the well wisher of all, even his enemies and wish them to be in paradise. Wishing paradise is a big thing and not just a sentence, there is no comparison between a pen and paradise, do we wish to even gift a small thing such as a pen to our enenies?  Every Muslim is a Dai and a Dai can not be a Dai till he has unilateral love for all.

 If someone kills a man of faith the man of faith is going to paradise, but if someone kills a faithless man even as punishment he is sending him to hell! The goal of Islam is to take people to paradise and not send them to hell.’

Only if you take into account Satan’s mission can we understand such verses as mentioned above.

You would say fine we agree with the above said thing but prophet even faught wars and in war people are killed and thus it creates a contradiction. No there is no contradiction, only when we see satans mission then can we understand ( 2:216-217) where argument for war is given. When God tells about prophet and companions ‘you hate war’ but fight for ‘persecution is worse than slaughter/killing’ for ‘because of persecution people lose faith’ and ‘without faith they will be put in hell.’ God tells this is not slaughter that you are not fighting this is persecution {fitna}, so fight on persecution for it works against your mission to take people to paraduse as people lose faith,  Allah defines persecution in the same verses as ‘barring people from path of God and expelling them from sacred mosque(s) and denying Allah’  because of which people will ofcourse lose faith and without faith go to hell’

  Thus we find Islam has only one master key “take people to paradise and save them from hell” there is no contradiction when quran says repel your enemies evil with your good and when it says fight your enemy.{note - the criteria is not met anywhere in the world today, as in every country there are mosques and in every country Quran is printed and distributed and jamaats go and come from there, yes there is slaughter/killing of muslims at many places but there is persecution nowhere, thus we are not allowed to go to war by Quran but we are expected by Allah to repel their evil with goodness so that they become our friends and intimate.} 

 So we find criteria of Allah is not right and wrong as we know, for Allah anything - anything that takes people to hell is wrong, and anything - anything that gives them chance to come towards paradise is right. This is where islam starts and this is where islam ends. Any action that has this spirit is part of islam but any action be it even salat, hajj, zakat, sawm etc. if doesn’t have this spirit is out of islam. THIS IS THE MASTER KEY, THE MASTER KEY TO ISLAM.


For the whole tug of war is between God – well wisher of humans and Satan -  the path to hell, Truly the spirit of faithful should be that even in his death, he should wish paradise for his killer. For faithful are on Allah’s side and have hope that he {the killer} who is in satans team will be guided in future and Satan will not win this man. Faithful are concerned about Allah’s victory, even if it be on their loss, they will die doing Dawah. (5:27) ‘Even if you try to kill me, I will not do the same to you for I fear my lord, the lord of all beings”  This was Haabil talkong to Kaabil ( 2 sons of Adam). Kaabil killed Haabil but Haabil did not even raise his hand in self defence saying, `I fear my Lord and died doing dawah with greatest wisdom and didn’t try to kill him. Thus `Kaabil  was among the lost’. But because his brother gave him a chance he realised his mistake, Kaabil by mercy of Allah realised his mistake and repented!! O muslims the very opening score of humans could have been ALLAH-0, SATAN-1, if Haabil would have killed Kaabil in self defence, Kaabil would straight go to hell and that’s exactly what shaitan wanted and that’s exactly why he didn’t kill him but died doing dawat with greatest wisdom, and by dieing he made the score Allah – 1, Satan – 0 as he knew he is faithful and would go in paradise, and his sacrifice was paid as Kaabil repented, regretted ! Haabil the first true martyr proved Allah that he is in Allah’s team and won’t let Satan score even one goal even if he loses his life!!!!

{the wisdom behind Haabil’s dawah will be discussed in another topic, Haabil said I wish hell for you but actually he wished the opposite} 

{ satan is enemy of Allah as comes in quran, some people get uneasy as they think “by calling satan enemy of God we are making satan equal to God”, but no the truth is satan is nothing in front of Allah and is an enemy just as any man can become, or pharaoh became enemy of God}


A true faithful will only warn, like Allah says to prophet -

(74:2) `you, wrapped in your cloak, arise and give warning’

(13:7) `you are only a warner’

(7:134) `He is but a warner’

(88:21) `your job is to deliver the message’

And when prophet must have had feeling to punish Allah told him, (16:126-128) ` invite all to the way, if you punish them then let your punishment be proportionate to the wrong done to you, but if you show patience( ie. forgive them and not punish those who deserve to be punished) then it is indeed the best course! And do you be patient(i.e. you have to forgive) and not distress yourself because of their conspiracies, for Allah is with those who restrain themselves and do good.”

Allah told him if you chose to be with me then you will have to forgive, you can punish but dont, for then I will not be with you because I am with the patient while I will question the punisher on day of Judgement, I’m with those who restrainn and do good {innallaha-ma-as-sabrin}. How many of us would want to be with Allah??  I ask how many??? Throw out desire to punish, and Allah will enter our hearts, for one who has Allah has everything and one who doesn’t has nothing. Thus Allah said to Hadhrat Abu Bakr “Forgive and over look! Don’t you wish Allah to forgive you?” – (24:22)

(15:85) “We created not the heavens, the earth, and all between them, but for just ends. and the Hour is surely coming (when this will be manifest). So overlook (any human faults) with gracious forgiveness.” – see muslims, O Khalifas of Allah this is how Allah defines justice – overlook faults with gracious forgiveness!!! O muslims it is prophecised about us but we don’t understand, how exactly the verse 29:61 fits us, we read 15:85 and fit in 29:61 when we don’t come to Allahs justice as in 15:85, today we have defined our own justice sustem! we have moved away from Haqq.

(29:61)”If indeed thou ask them who has created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon (to his Law), they will certainly reply, Allah. How are they then deluded away (from the truth)?”

(31:25) “If thou ask them, who it is that created the heavens and the earth. They will certainly say, "(Allah)". Say: "Praise be to Allah." But most of them understand not.”  

Truly we understand not that actually what is going on.


(14:12) `(all prophets said) We will surely bear with patience all the harm you do us. So in God let those who trust put there trust’

A warrior of Allah says – “death!!! How much pain would it be, 1 minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 10 hours, 1 month, 1 life!!! How much pain, how much??? I will bear it for you, for you O the one who is in satan’s team, but cant let you be in hell in which you will be forever and regard this life as only blinking of an eye, I will suffer for the blinking of an eye but wont let you suffer forever in hell because I love you, I will surely bear with patience all harm you do me, for my war is not against you, the warrior of Allah fights against satan.

Read these four verses one after another and see in how many ways Allah is giving His message  15:85, 29:61, 39:38 & 14:12. Remember you are at best a khalifa and not Allah yourself, all will return to Allah and none to you, so it is for Allah to take account.


( God has Enemy:- 2:98- Whoever is an enemy of God will find God too is his enemy.

There are teams - 58:22- They are God’s party God’s party shall surely enter bliss.

58:19- They forgot to remeber God and went to devil’s side, they are the party of Satan, satans party shall surely perish.

What is remembring Allah, O muslims what is remembring Allah? Even an enemy remembers his enemy, remembring is not the point, the point is how you remember that makes you either friend of Allah or enemy of Allah. Today you don’t realize it that you remember Allah just as an enemy would had remembered Allah and not as a friend would. A friend only seeks to make happen what Allah wants and not opposite of it, what Allah wants is paradise for all, even for people like Firon {pharaoh} (20:44)-“go to him and talk to him gently perhaps he might take heed”

Team of Satan fighting against God 25:55- “One who is helper( of satan) against God.”

Woe to us muslims, yes woe to us muslims that Allah sent prophet Jesus to do dawah with satan for 40 days, that satan repent come back to Allah’s team but in return satan sent his own evil prophets in the mosques of Allah who invite Allah to enter Satans team by praying- “O Allah destroy them” symbolically meaning “you want them in paradise but we want them in hell, destroy them erase their mark.We are saying destroy them ie you enter satans team, which wants hell for all.”  {o muslims how has our mission become one with satans, how ? how??} If such people were there in place of the prophet at the time of Taif, when the angels came telling the prophet that Allah has sent them to take the Prophet’s permission to destroy people of Taif {as they were stoning the prophet}, these people would have said destroy them! And if any one would have argued that they shouldn’t, they would argue back and make a mockery of such a person that Allah Himself has allowed us to make a choice, who are we to tell what Allah wants? Allah is happy with both the choices! These fools do not understand that the purpose of choice is to show to Allah that we align our wills with His Cause ie Paradise for All over and above our own cause! If Allah was happy with both the choices then why wouldn’t the prophet chose the destruction of people of Taif? No it was a Test, choices are always a Test! Prophet passed it with flying colors! Peace be upon the Imam of Prophets.



Now lets check wether what we have said is right or not, and what other criteria can we have to check word of God but word of God ?

 (9:6) – “If any of the mushriqs ask you for asylum (those who have killed you, betrayed you) grant it to him so that they hear the word of Allah and then  escort him to where he is secure.”

  • It fits hand in glove, that rather than punishing him for killing muslims, betraying the  prophet he should not be killed for increasing a number in Satan’s list but give him chance to not be there but come in God’s list, that’s why tell him words of Allah and escort him to a secure place.
  • So few of us worry about God’s list, The Scucide bombers say “we go to jannat, you go to hell” and explode the bombs, but true martyrs like Haabil die doing dawat and not raise their hand against their killers for fear of God, that by their act of killing him in return would increase a number in satans list!!! Haabil was a muttaqee as comes in Quran, O muslims stop doing lip service that you want to be a muttaqee and become a muttaqee as Abel was, the true martyr.

Another TEST to cross check –

  • (5:13)` Since they broke their solemn pledge we laid on them our curse and hardened their hearts.They distorted the meaning of the revealed verses taking them out of context and forgot much of what they were enjoined. You will constantly discover treachery on their part, except for a few, but pardon them and bear with them, truly God loves the doer of good’.


  • We have been given the right to protect our goals at the cost of ball going into God’s goal, but then we are not in the God’s team in the bigger game.


(5:25-31)` Go into them through the gate for as soon as you enter you shall be victorious. Put your trust in God if you are true bilievers, they said: we will never enter it Moses, go you and your Lord and fight and we will stay here. Moses supplicated, `Lord, I have power over none but myself and my brother, so separate us from the disobedient people. God said: The land is forbidden to them for 40 years while they wander around earth bewildered, do not grieve over these wicked people, relate to them the true story of the two sons of Adam’

God did not reward prophet Musa for he was ready to go fight alone, “that my prophet you are so good, ok they are not coming, so hell with them I will give this land to you”  but God did the opposite and made him share their punishment and made him wander for 40 years along with the people who were astray, that how could you ask for separation? I had put Yunus in belly of whale, when he asked for separation from his sinning people. God could have given Moses {pduh} victory as he gave over Firon {pharaoh}. Prophet Musa wanted seperation from Jews but God made him wander with them for 40 years in wilderness so much so that Prophet Musa didn’t even enter the holy land but died when almost reached there! Allah meant that how dare you not think about what I want, I want them in paradise and if you leave them how will they find the way to it ? And then God relates story of sons of Adam to remind of the bigger game and why he wronged himself on demanding separation and the attitude he should have, wish paradise even for the worst sinner at all costs and pay it even if it demands your life, as Haabil paid.

(5:35) ` Believers fear God and seek ways to come closer to him and strive for His cause. So that you may prosper’

  • Now doesn’t this verse make a bigger grander meaning. The exact meaning we kind of missed.
  • HIS CAUSE IS PARADISE FOR ALL.  “strive for his cause”
  • “God’s cause” {29:69} {5:35} IS SINGLE STRING THEORY OF ISLAM
  • IT IS THE MASTER KEY THAT OPENS ALL DOORS WITHOUT CONFUSION OF CARRYING MANY KEYS: In Kaabil and Haabil enmity and fight, the opening score of humans could have been God0, Satan-1, if Haabil would have killed Kaabil in self defence, but he didn’t and his sacrifice was paid as Kaabil repented and score became God-2, Satan 0. The test is to prove - God I am in your team and won’t let Satan score even 1 goal even if I lose my life’ May Allah’s victory be on my loss, may Allah’s smile be on my tear.


The master key is the attitude – “wishing paradise even for enemies.”

In Islam criteria for everything is same - peace or war

                                                        -Punishment and forgiveness

Does it take people to paradise or give them chance to come close to paradise?

Does it save people from hell or give them chance to be saved from hell?

Any judgement should be based on these 2 questions alone.


(25:63) ` the true servants of the gracious one are those who walk upon this earth with humility, and when they are addressed by ignorant ones, their response is peace,

(33:48) ` Do  not yield to those who deny the truth and the hypocrites, ignore their hurtful talk. Put your trust in God’. (This is what God revealed after the `Battle’ of Ahzab.` After a war! ignore their hurtful talk not punish them or fight with them)

- (42:43) `Verily whosoever shows patience and forgives that would truly be from the things recommended by Allah’……..Now the question arises what would Muslims chose? God’s recommendation or something else? God knows an eye for an eye makes the world blind. But woe to us that world over many of us are not choosing what Allah recommends actively.


(7:125) JIST- When Firon and his magicians came to prove God and his messenger wrong, God or his prophets did not kill them but showed them signs and the magicians accepted the truth but Firon ordered their killing by cutting off their opposite hands and feet and then crucifying them, the magicians said `We shall surely return to our Lord- you would punish us only because we believed in our Lord when they were shown to us. Our Lord pour patience on us to die in a state of submission to you’. They didn’t curse Firon infact when they were losing their life which is of highest value to any, they said (26:50)-`There is no harm if you do so, to our Lord we return’.Indeed many of us Muslims don’t believe that we return to our Lord thats why we sing the song of harm, losses and hate.

Firon ordered then the killing of all male children of children of Israel, on this the children of Israel said (7;128) `we were persecuted earlier and even after you come’ Facing such level of persecution and cries from people prophet didn’t start agitation, protest, formation of army etc he said ` Turn to God for help and be patient. The earth belongs to God. He gives it to those of his servants He chooses and the future belongs to God fearing’!!! {iyyaka nabudu wa iyyaka nastain} because the persecutors are not destroyed by Allah till believers migrate and the persecutor doesn’t still stop their persecution and follows them. Be it Firon or be it kuffar of mecca who wanted to terminate muslims even after their migration, be it to abyssinia or Medina…….see how Allah humbled Firon, see how Allah humbled the Meccans! Verily Allah says “you will never find a change in the ways of Allah” – (33:62)


Nay to shut the mouth of arguers who differentiate between prophets when God has asked not to, I’ll let you hear Islam from the mouth of God himself-

(20:43-44) `Go to Firon he has transgressed ALL bounds. But speak gently to him perhaps he might heed’

And No God doesn’t change his ways

(33:62)` You shall find no change in the ways of God’

The case of Firon explicitly shows the true colour of Islam yet for the sake of  who still not believe we will further break it down Inshallah.


Lets take the case of open treacherous people whom Prophet and his companions knew clearly

(9:65-66) `If you ask them they will say we were only joking and playing with words, Say `would you make a mockery of God, and of his revelations and of his messenger, make no excuses you rejected the faith after you accepted it. If we pardon some of you, we will punish others amongst you for they are guilty’

Now if we don’t read carefully, it would seem God is asking prophet to punish them `Say...we will punish” but the `we’ used is not intended as prophet and believers saying `we’ but God using the royal plural for himself as He uses in (21;30) ` do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together and We clove them asunder’.

We can understand it better if we see(9:74) ` If they repent it will indeed be better for them if they turn away God will punish them with grievous suffering in this world and the hereafter’.

Here we get to know that indeed the responsibility is of God and `We’ in other verse is God and not prophet and the believers, and there is no contradiction in Quran {13:40} “your job is to deliver the message it is for us to do the reckoning”

However if someone now says that God talks about punishment in this world meaning we can punish. No, thats not the case if we see(9:85) `do not let their wealth and children dazzle you. God only wants to punish them through these things in this world and let their soul depart while they deny the truth’

God’s punishment in this world is giving things that appear great to us (`dazzle you’).

Now if some denier of truth still argue focus on last verse ` let their souls depart’ is a command to kill them, then no the maximum punishment that God allowed us is in verse before it

(9:83-84) ` So if God brings you back to a group of them and should they ask your leave to go forth with you. Say `You shall never go forth with me and shall never fight an enemy with me. You chose to sit at home the first time, so sit now with those who remain behind. And never ( O Mohammed) pray for one of them who dies, nor stand by his grave for they denied God and his messenger and (on top of it) died rebellious’.

This is the maximum punishment God asks- don’t pray nor stand by their graves. And why does God need to tell this to the prophet? Why? Why?Why?? Because prophet would had prayed for their forgiveness. Why? Why? Because he is in God’s team and he will take many goals in his net but cant see Satan score goal in God’s net ie seeing people go in jahannam while God wanted them in jannat. And IMAGINE this is in SURAH TAUBA!!! The surah that doesn’t start with Bismillah. The most strict surah the surah in which God is most angry. If this is the case of Surah TAUBA imagine the case of whole Quran!!! Imagine what would be the holistic approach. Truly I would not quote `Repel evil with best, and your enemy will become your bossom friend’ At this point no even that is weak, in comparision to what I will quote again “Even if you try to kill me I would not do the same to you.”

Allah clearly says “innallaha ma as sabrin”  ie I am with those who exercise patience, and when we go to the other side to punish as comes {16:125-128}- “Invite all to way of your lord…if you want you can punish in prportion to wrong done to you BUT patience is best course {ie punishing is not}, and do you be patient {do not punish those who deserve equal punishment} as I am with those who restrain themselves and do good” Allah clearly shows 2 paths one on which He is and the other on which He is not, a prophet, a true momin can never, never ever leave the side of Allah and opt for punishment {except under special case of Al-Khidri knowledge or to fulfill Allah’s promise to shaitan being just a tool in that case}, a true momin says “the one who has Allah has everything and the one who doesn’t have Allah has nothing” . O muslims what will happen to you on day of judgement if Allah will come to you and say that you didn’t prefer to be with Him and punished so and so, well knowing that He was with the patient, that day you didn’t prefer to be with Him this day He doesn’t prefer to be with you!! where will you run? Where will you hide? Where will you go and drown yourself? You will be dragged and put in hell.

{20:126} – “Just as My signs came to you and you ignored them!! so also I ignore you this day!!!”

{75:10}- “on that day man will exclaim where to flee/run/escape, but there is nowhere to take refuge” 

O muslims follow what your creator asks, you have come from Him and to Him shall you return, ensure that Allah says on that mother of all days, on the day of judgment – “you prefered to be with Me on that day, and I prefer to be with you on this day.”

O muslims forgive, forgive, forgive don’t you wish to be forgiven, desire for others what you desire for yourselves, follow the God’s command as He asks -

(9:95) `They will swear to you by God, so that you may leave them alone( the treacherous betraying people) so leave them alone”

(24:22) – “Forgive and overlook, don’t you want Allah to forgive you?”

(11:3) – “(Allah will) give every owner of Grace {fadhlin} His grace {fadhlahu}, but if you turn away then indeed I fear for you the punishment of a great Day.”

 (21:107) ‘We have sent you as a mercy to mankind.’

(6:67) ‘you desire the gain of this world while HE desires for you gain of hereafter.’

(13;24) ` In garden of Eden angels will come from every gate to them and say, ` Peace be upon you for all that you have endured’


victory of Allah was in the starting at hands of Haabil, let victory of Allah be in the end at your hands, and if you won’t then know it will still be so, wether you raise your hand or not, if you will not raise your hand saying labbaik know that others will, and Allah will win, there is no doubt about it.


May Allah guide us and give us the eye that draws guidence and not misguidence from Quran. May Allah give us the eye of a muttaqee, the eye of Haabil.

Aameen. So be it Lord.

(42:43)- “whoever is patient and forgiving, acts with great courage and resolution”