(59:19-20)- “Do not be like those who forgot God, so that he caused them to forget their own souls (their own true interest) it is they who are rebellious ones. The people of fire and the people of Paradise are not equal. The people of Paradise are the victorious ones.” Continuing with the spirit of “Remember God” that is remember His cause and His cause is opposite of Satan’s, which is to take every man to Hell. And how Abel became a man of Paradise saying to his brother, “I fear God”, if we read the verse before it, (59:18)- “Believers fear God and let every soul look to what it lays up for the future. Fear God, God is aware of what you do, Do not be like those who forgot God, so that he caused them to forget their own souls (their true interest)”. We understand how Abel remembered God and looked at what he lays up for the future and said, “Even if you try to kill me, I will not do the same to you, I fear my Lord”. He remembered his soul, his true interest and did this and didn’t let Satan’s score, the opening score be God 0 Satan 1. But what today Muslims do is totally showing that they do not remember their souls, they don’t look at what they lay up for future because they forgot God (his cause). Truly Abel, Abraham (PBUH) are men of Paradise and Truly Men of Fire are not like them!! The next verse makes what Abel did more clearly, as God says; even Mountains would have done the same in fear of God, (59:21)- “Had we sent down this Quran on a mountain you would certainly have seen it falling down and splitting asunder because of fear of God, we set forth these parables so that men may reflect”. The mountain would do so by remembering his soul and seeing what test is for its own good it will crumble into pieces like Abel, for the sake of unending future, the true life!! Truly we are even worse than mountains for we do not fear God. Abel was true servant of God like Mountains; they know this life is not life of loss and gain but day of judgment will be. (64:9)- “That will be the day of loss and gain”.

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