(87:6) – “We shall make you recite the Quran so that you will not forget any of it”.

Allah made a promise to the prophet in above verse that He will make the prophet recite the Quran so that he remembers the Quran and then gave the order to offer salat/namaz.

Chapter 73 speaks almost entirely on namaz/salat and that too, the highest, that is, Tahajjud. By understanding it we can understand the spirit of salat/namaz.

In verses (73:1-3) God asks to read salat/namaz but in verse 4, He says but, “recite the Quran slowly and distinctly”, why? Because remember Allah made a promise to prophet in (87:6) – “We shall make you recite the Quran so that you will not forget any of it”.
Now non-Arabs don’t take it in your context, this is being said to an Arab, thus it means read salat/namaz to understand Quran, God again picks the same topic in verse {73:20}, in it again God talks about praying but adds that others also pray along with prophet in the night and again it is said, “Read the Quran as much as may be easy for you” and is again repeated in the same verse i.e. it comes twice. Now this was being said to Arabs not to Indians, Turks, Sri Lankans, Indonesians etc. thus without a shadow of doubt it meant salat/namaz is a way made by God to understand Quran. God would have never prescribed salat/namaz in itself, without this goal at hand! i.e. salat/namaz is a special way to understand Quran, with men standing, concentrating, just listening to the words of God, without commentary from someone else, but from one’s own heart.
(107:4-5)- “Woe to those who pray but hearts are not in the prayers.”

When a class teacher in school says “woe to those whose hearts are not in class” what does it mean? the teacher says it to students who are in classroom, who are in school uniform, perfect shoes and socks, right hairstyle yet she says it and makes them stand outside the class!! Think what does Allah mean when He says that. What does pay attention mean? It means understand or you will fail. Salat/namaz is for all.

For those who would not accept this, for to them I have sinned by asking them to understand Quran and by telling what God really wants, I ask them tell me the interpretation of verse 6;

{73:6}-“Truly the rising by night is a time when impression is more keen and speech more certain”

If this does not refer to understanding aspect to you then surely you have no understanding at all. We have to follow the best aspect to be men of understanding. (39:18) and (39:55). So by 5 times Namaz God meant take out time to understand Quran 5 times a day (Namaz is there to make possible understanding of Quran 5 times a Day, but remember God wanted Man to concentrate on Quran 50 times a Day. Moses (PBUH) was right, we don’t! we don’t even do it once {while yet we do it 5 times along with sunnats!} Whereas we have to read 5 times with understanding and then read Tahajjud again to try to ponder over the verses of Quran and not blindly read Namaz like we do today. Today we go to read Namaz 5 times and never does it appear to us that we are going to understand Quran.

We have made a mockery of God, we have stopped to do what God wants, while we agree we are His slaves thus the outcome according to Quran is us saying “God is dead, Allah is dead” just like Jinns of Solomon who stopped working when they realized Solomon {pbuh} is dead and shouted out, “Solomon is Dead, Suleiman is Dead”. We have stopped and thus It is about us Namazis that God will throw back our salat at our faces.

I have informed you what God wants and I am free of responsibility, I am not a guardian over you but yes I will be a witness on Day of Judgment that, “I did tell them this, but they rejected what You O God desired” for if you reject what I say now you don’t reject me but you reject the Desire of God, You can argue with me today but how will you argue with God on the worst day ever to be?

(75:14)- “Indeed man shall be a witness against himself in spite of all the excuses he may offer”

(87:6)- “We shall make you recite the Quran so that you will not forget it”

Truly woe to you people who fulfill the Hadith- “There will come a time for my people when there will remain nothing of Quran except it’s outward form and nothing of Islam except the name and they will call themselves by this name, though they are the people farthest from it.”

We have become like donkeys as referred in Surah Juma, Verse 5. Before making opinions about me think what do I ask you? Don’t listen to me listen to Quran, you yourself ponder over it, that’s what I ask. I hope you will become a believer and not be farthest from it for surely then you will be biggest loser ever.

Every Azaan is a call to Quran! How many of us respond? I call my servant 5 times a day for water but he always comes without water and keeps saying “master is good, master is good, master gives me food, salary, protection, master is good” while he leaves me thirsty, tell me what shall I do with him? Tell me what will you do to such a servant of yours? (75:14)- “Indeed man shall be a witness against himself”

Action depends on Neeyat, Have you ever thought What is God’s neeyat in prescribing Salat/Namaz to Humans? The one who fulfills that neeyat of Allah with actions is best, the one who does it without action is 2nd best, and the one who thinks of it in his heart is at the lowest level of Iman and below it is Hell.

Note – It not at all means that non-Arabs should stop reading salat, they should learn the translations of the often repeated surahs, so when they are reading it in Arabic they are re-pondering over it, surely it is easy. Moreover for those who don’t know Arabic for them salat is like a swearing to Allah that they will understand Quran through reading translations after Salat or whenever, for the neeyat of Allah must be fulfilled no matter what, Quran must be understood by every human no matter what, surely Satan will inspire “but you can not understand Quran from translations”, BEWARE of Satan’s fallacious arguments, for to understand Quran all you need to be is a Muttaqee and that’s it {2:2}, go read any translation, may Allah be with you as repeatedly promised in sura Qamar {chapter 54} and you not be guided by the false Islamic scholars who have destroyed Islam, Truly God is a bigger Aalim, bigger Scholar than all scholars combined.

Note – in asian subcontinent salat is called namaz,

May Allah give us the eye of Abel.


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