Remembering Allah

The Secrets- Eid ul Adha- Part 1 (Hindi/Urdu)

UNTOLD STORIES AND HIDDEN LESSONS Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail {pbut} (Incident of EID-Ul-Adha): Humans have always been fascinated by stories. Allah had given all His Prophets (pbut) some true stories to narrate in order to teach mankind what it needs to learn. “The Secrets – untold Stories and Hidden lessons” is unique in its approach to narrating the stories of the Quran and bringing out the guidance and wisdom hidden in them, it goes into the “Batin” (hidden) aspect, showing us what happened at the backstage, giving a unique behind the scenes view to the often heard stories and clarifies many things about Islam, proving it to be a religion of Love, Grace, Mercy, Patience, Peace and Forgiveness. All the material used is from the most authentic Islamic sources and the references have been provided for the quotes mentioned from the Quran, Hadith or Seerah. It is a must see for any one who loves stories of the Quran and seeks to understand them. Remembering Allah


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