Why did Allah create us and other questions.

Why did God create us?

One question came in my mind when I was in school in around 7th class and it stuck in my head till college second year when I found the answer by God’s grace and continue to find more and more layers 8 years later…. “why did Allah create us? If he created us because of a need or want then he is not self sufficient and self satisfied and thus imperfect”……..i know this question has troubled people of all faiths and many lose faith thinking on this and many sit over it quietly.

Answer – whenever we measure God on such issues, we make the starting point of our measurement ourselves, however in the case of Allah the starting point has to be Allah himself and not us……the point has to be “when we were not even a thing mentioned.”

There was a point when Allah had not created us or anything and he was satisfied knowing that he is satisfied as he has no need or want, but as he possesses knowledge he knew that there can be a being that will not be self satisfied and will have need and want unlike him, now he also knew that he has power to create, so mathematically there were 2 questions/options in front of him {by mathematically I mean there can be no third option/question in this case} that 1 – “not” ie not create man & 2 – “yes, why not?” Ie why not create man?

Now Allah chose “Why not?” {its proof is that we are here, I am writing this and you are reading it} The reason why Allah chose “why not?” are – Allah says “I test man by what I have given him” and the first thing he has given us {even before we were created} is our  nature….man has created whatever he could….from rockets and planes to shoes that have lights in it that light up when we walk, to teddy bears and designer pens to computers…..man has created whatever he had power to create…..so Allah created us because had we been in his place we would had created, man sees inactivity boring and negative, something which Allah is not and he will not be what he is not, he is “The God” and he Becomes “The God”….. then the complimentary secondary reasons come which return to the primary reason strengthening it even more, Allah created us to see how we create him, {by create him I mean how we conceptualize him…..that’s the max we can do in his case}….by testing man Allah didn’t mean the test we are going through now, but the test was in context of “worshipping” and worshipping I have discussed in topics related to education that Allah created birds to worship, inspired them to fly and says when they fly they worship….so also Allah created man for worship, says inspired him for understanding, so thus the primary test was that by understanding the universe we would had been worshipping…..this is still the test but its face changed a little bit with the entry of satan.

However also if we look deeper into our natures we will realize that had we been given an option to be created or not to be created even before we were created, we would had opted for being created as we humans are too curious and too greedy and too foolishly intelligent….so even before our creation as we are today, we were given a choice and we chose….. “verily man was a fool”…every creation has to keep the trust of his master when it is asked to work completely independent of its master, so free from the dependence of its master that the master may say to keep the unsatisfied creation involved and satisfied by giving it a goal –  “who will be my helpers? Who will give me a beautiful loan?”….., a robot has to work well if everything has been designed well in the computer and laws of physics support the designing of the robot.

Another point that I understand is that our society, our nature calls out this “freedom of expression” for the artist, painter, filmmaker, media etc. Allah knew that from our point of view he has that right too…..a painter paints as he is a hidden treasure, a poet composes as he is a hidden treasure and wants to be known…..so it goes back to the primary reason that had we been in Allah’s place we would had created and not stayed hidden.

So Allah chose “why not” and created us to see his creation worshipping and coming back to the source…..today we stand and look at the big bang creation of universe….and lo!! so also today we stand and look at “why not?” “do not the unbelievers see that the ‘not’ and the ‘why not’ were joined together and that we clove them asunder, and what we created every living thing out of reason?” – {21:30) Allahuakbar…..one arrow killing four birds, the big bang and life, the ‘why not’ and ‘reason’…….Allah’s throne rested upon the water…..and if you go through my research article on “heavens & earth V/S earth and heavens” you will see how Allah uses established words and meanings to depict other things….like satan for iblees as well as comet/meteor and others.

In my college I was taught  that we humans have need and want, eg. need is food & want is pizza or noodles. But when we were being taught this in class an example came to my mind which would be outside the realm of need and want clearly but still be in our human realm…..it is an example that deals with our most primary need so it cant be countered – food…..2 people one piece of favorite bread and the situation is famine…..need would say eat the whole leave the other man, want would say eat the whole thing leave the other man but “reason” and only “reason” would say “divide the bread in half and share”……there is the soul of God “I gave man something of my spirit”…..”reason”….whoever purifies it will surely succeed and he who corrupts it will surely fail, this is the she camel of Allah let her drink, the most wicked man gave him a lie….tawassum, tadabbur, tafakkur!!!

Today people come and ask me something and at times my short reply also is so covered in layers and layers of meanings, different meanings, meanings from different situations, meanings which change colors in different situations and yet all being true in one sentence…..so also I keep understanding layer upon layer upon layer of another one sentence “I know that which you do not”…..one layer being – “but they will return to the source called “why not” & that’s why I know that which you do not, I am “The God” and I can not be that which I am not” {another layer is Abel, magicians of pharaoh etc. and many more layers I have explained in my articles for the one who can see}

We humans don’t just have “need” & “want” {which satan would want us think} but we also have “reason” the part of Allah’s soul which satan would want us to forget and not use…..so Allah didn’t create us because he had the need to create us, he did not create us because he had the want to create us, but rather he created us as he reasoned the reason there was for the creation of man!! The reasons of “why not?”

Why did Allah put us in this world?

Answer – Allah was not an uncaring and tyrant God, He knew that such a being like us to get satisfied would need a place like Jannat, so before he created us he created jannat and after our creation put us there, but as we see Allah is someone who makes things that go in processes eg water cycle, food chain etc. an insect might not be good for our diet but it is an important part of food chain, so also there will be processes in Jannat, there is a tree that is necessary for Jannat but is not good for us humans and Allah said that we should not eat from it {Allah created that tree so that jannat may be a reflection of us, we humans are perfect but some hidden negative energies reside in us too along with all our positive energy, he created it to give us humans some food for thought and pondering}……when man ate from it, he proved to Allah that we humans are not prepared  to live in that perfect world and are not ready to pay the price for it, infact while living in it we on our part would dishonor God in front of the whole creation. So Allah sent us to this lower earth from that higher earth to test and train us, you say pig meat is the most tasty meat, it might be but I will not have it as my training is going on, so that when I return to jannat I might not be tempted to eat from that tree….indeed that tree must be tempting that prophet Adam ate from it. { harut marut said we can teach you magic but don’t learn it from us as then you will go to hell, {16:128} – you can punish but don’t and be patient as Allah is with patient”}

Why did Allah create Satan, He shouldn’t have created satan?

Answer – If I ask you ‘come lets kill a man’ ‘come lets do a robbery’ you will not agree with me and participate in my act,  You will start avoiding me, you wont say to God that ‘God why did you create him?’ So just as you cant question why did God create me you can not question why did God create satan. Just as I am a creature of God so also is satan a creature of God. God created him just as he created me, it’s just that satan has gone astray, so we should just avoid his promptings.

If you have such questions that trouble you then feel free to put them to us.

may God guide the whole humanity.

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